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For wine lovers who looking to experience Tuscan wine at a higher level, FANCIULLE is a “micro-négoce” producing Tuscan wines based on a recent, expert classification of Tuscan vineyard sites and an innovative approach to vinification. FANCIULLE wines share the signature characteristics of connoisseurs' wines, and their style, flavor and exclusivity are demonstrably linked to their sites of origin. The FANCIULLE wines offer wine lovers a chance to get to know the different Tuscan terroirs.

In 2019, FANCIULLE made two wines


FANCIULLE IGT Toscana Rosso “Saragia”
Named for its hillcrest vineyard, this silky red wine offers delicate raspberry aromas and tangy cherry flavours.

It comes purely from biodynamically-grovwn, old-vine Sangiovese grapes, which lend length to its taste.

The vineyard soils almost 40% clay component give it

a soft texture, while the limestone element lends

gives it a backbone.




A juicier version of Saragia, from a slightly lower vineyard parcel, this wine is fuller and fruitier. Thanks to the balanced 2019 growing season, a hint of tanginess means each glass beckons the next.



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